Ringke Side Slot Card Holder wallet for smartphone black (CH616135RS)


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Ringke Side Slot Card Holder wallet for smartphone black (CH616135RS)

Are you looking for a convenient and safe way to store your payment cards and documents? If you want to have them always with you, consider the practical Ringke handle. Attached to the 3M double-sided tape on the back of the smartphone case, it provides the perfect space for 3 cards at the same time. Access to them is extremely simple and fast.

The Ringke Side Card Holder is a handy cover for payment cards, business cards or documents such as a driving license or ID card. Made of high-quality PC, light and extremely thin (less than 5 mm thick), the accessory is attached with a double-sided 3M tape to the case or directly to the back of the smartphone. The compartment is equipped with a compartment for up to 3 cards. A simple way to quickly and easily access your cards without having to carry your pocket-stuffing wallet with you.

The phone case visible in the photos is not part of the set.

This is the case you need

Smartphone and wallet when you go jogging is too much. It is impossible to move freely in public transport, when you have to reach for a ticket in your purse or backpack every time. In the case securely attached to the phone casing, you can fit a payment card, membership card, hotel room pass or a card authorizing you to travel by public transport. Always have your most important documents with you!

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