Nillkin CP + PRO ultra-thin full screen tempered glass with 0.2mm 9H frame Samsung Galaxy A33 5G black


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Nillkin CP + PRO is an ultra-thin (only 0.2 mm thick) tempered glass, which, however, is in no way inferior to its thicker counterparts. The accessory has undergone a hardening process, thanks to which it can boast an extraordinary resistance to scratches and impacts. In addition, its surface is very pleasant to the touch, so it does not limit the comfort of using the phone in any way.

The glass has a hardness of 9H (Mohs scale) and an oleophobic coating that prevents fingerprints. It is also highly transparent, which in turn translates into great rendering of the displayed image.

Tempered glass for the entire screen with a frame. Hand in hand with excellent protective properties is also a great comfort of use. The glass is ultra-thin (0.25 mm), extremely pleasant to the touch, and it does not distort the image and does not adversely affect the touch sensitivity. With such a cover, we can be confident about the security of the display and fully enjoy the functionality of our smartphone.

Nillkin makes sure that its products perform even in the most difficult conditions. This armored glass is a great example of a gadget that should attract the attention of every smartphone owner. When it hits the ground, the glass absorbs the impact energy. Thanks to this, only the applied tempered glass will be damaged, and the display will remain intact. It is enough to remove the old glass later and replace it with a new glass, so that the protection of the tactile glass continues.

  • Brand: Nillkin
  • Name: CP + PRO
  • Thickness: 0.2 mm
  • Hardness: 9H
  • Oleophobic layer
  • New, original packed
  • Extremely scratch resistant
  • Easy to assemble

Double amplification

Thanks to the double-hardening process, the cover is 45% stronger than standard glass.


Only 0.2 mm thick! It's easy to forget you even have them on your phone.

The comfort of use remains unchanged

The shutter does not interfere with use of the touch screen or face recognition.

No more dirt

The glass is covered with an oleophobic coating, which improves its resistance to greasy marks and fingerprints.

Endurance 9H

The accessory boasts a hardness of 9H on the Mohs scale, which gives it a high resistance to scratching.

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