Nillkin Super Frosted Shield Pro hard cover Realme 9 Pro + (9 Pro Plus) black


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Nillkin Super Frosted Shield Pro toughened phone cover

The Super Frosted Shield Pro case by Nillkin is a very durable case that is able to protect your phone from serious damage after it falls to the floor. When buying a new phone, it is worth getting a decent case right away, especially when you have decided on a device from the highest price range. One careless move is enough for the phone to fall to the ground. The smartphone on which the case was worn, and especially the Nillkin Super Frosted Shield Pro , has a much better chance of getting out of such an accident unscathed.

The cover consists of a flexible TPU frame and rigid PC backs. The frame makes it easy to put on the phone case, and the backs stiffen the entire structure. The corners are shaped in such a way that they act as car bumpers and absorb the energy of the impact. Raised wounds around the rear camera and screen separate these components from the substrate where they could be scratched.

The most important features

  • Provides excellent protection against damage
  • A layer that acts like an airbag
  • Non-slip material
  • Camera lens protection
  • Precisely cut openings for the cable plug and buttons

Effective phone protection in any situation

The Super Frosted Shield Pro case is an accessory for special tasks. Regardless of how intensively you use your phone, it will provide it with full protection against damage in every situation. The use of two materials – flexible TPU and solid PC ensures that each surface of your device is provided with an appropriate level of protection. Corners act like an airbag – they absorb falls, even from a considerable height.

Protection of lenses against scratches

Camera lenses often get scratched, reducing the quality of the pictures taken. The case has reinforced edges around these elements. Effectively protect the lenses against scratching, separating them from the surface on which you put the phone.

Comfortable, non-slip material

The use of non-slip cover means that the phone will not fall out of your hand or slip off your desk. In addition, this material ensures high comfort of using the device and is skin-friendly.

Precisely cut holes for plugs

For the full comfort of using the phone, as well as to ensure effective protection of the places most exposed to damage, all the holes around the plugs have been cut very precisely.

Perfect cutouts

The case has carefully cut holes where the camera, speakers and charging plug are located. Everything is precisely matched to a specific phone model.

Support for wireless charging

The cover does not contain any metal parts. You can safely use the Qi wireless charger without removing the case.

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